The self-reporting US tax system isn’t the most straightforward of tax systems, and although the IRS does a good job at providing extensive online resources for tax payers, there are still many tax misconceptions among residents of San Antonio. As a provider of tax services in San Antonio TX, we at Defend Tax Payer consider it our duty to try to dispel some of these misconceptions in order to make tax preparation and payment easier for our customers, as well as for San Antonio residents in general. Without further ado, here are 3 common tax misconceptions in San Antonio.

3 Common Tax Misconceptions In San Antonio, Texas

  • The US government automatically deducts the appropriate tax from my salary, which means that my only tax-related legal obligation is to prepare FORM W-4

False. Although FORM W-4 tells your employer how much tax money to deduct from your monthly salary, the true amount of tax money you own may turn out to be by the end of the year a bit more or a bit less than the deducted sum. Filling an accurate income tax return at the end of the year is therefore required. The IRS will compare the numbers on your FORM W-4 with those on your end-of-year income tax return and decide whether it will deduct additional tax money from you, or give back a part or even all of the money initially withheld.


  • Everyone can use the simplified FORM 1040EZ to file for income tax

False. The IRS developed FORM 1040EZ specifically for residents of the United States. Two other categories that can use this form are permanent resident aliens and residents for tax purposes. If you are not (yet) a resident of the US, or belong to the other two categories, then you can file the 1040NR EZ form, which is more straightforward than the traditional 1040NR form and can be filled quicker. A tax consultant in San Antonio can help you do so.


  • If I am a graduate student and my teaching or research position as an assistant within the university pays for my tuitions and other fees, I don’t have to pay any taxes

False. According to US law, graduate assistantships are taxed. The IRS considers the tuition and other fees that are paid for you (as well as living expenses, if that is the case) as financial gain received for the work you do. If you are a student following a graduate assistantship and are not sure about your tax status, you may want to contact a tax consultant in San Antonio.

Whether you are a full-time employee, a student, or a business owner, if you are unsure about your tax status or have run into problems with the IRS, we at Defend Tax Payer have a dedicated team of experienced legal workers who can help you with professional tax services in San Antonio, TX. Visit our Services page to find out more, or call us at 866-489-1670.


Federal tax liens put you at risk of losing your property, including your home. Fortunately, a tax consultant in San Antonio such as Defend Tax Payer can help you resolve them before it is too late.


When an IRS tax lien is placed on your property, it is usually because you have failed to pay your taxes. If that happens, you should act right away, otherwise the IRS may seize your property, including your home, and then auction it to pay off the debt. The most effective way to lift an IRS tax lien is to contact a tax consultant in San Antonio who can analyze your case and decide upon the best course of action.


Before seizing your property, the IRS will typically issue a notice demanding immediate payment on all of your tax debts. That is a critical point, and if you haven’t already discussed your situation with a tax consultant in San Antonio, you should do it right away. An experienced provider of tax services in San Antonio who has dealt with IRS tax liens on behalf of its customers in the past will know what can be done to save your property before it is too late.

Paying Off a Tax Lien

According to official IRS guidelines, the quickest way to get rid of an IRS tax lien is to pay your debt in full using cash. You will want to consider the possibility of using any savings you may have or even borrowing money from friends or moneylenders to pay off your debt. In many cases, the inconveniences of acquiring a new debt and having to pay off interest are preferable to losing your home and other treasured property. However, if you cannot afford to pay off your debt, the situation becomes more complicated and you may want to turn your attention to tax services in San Antonio, which may offer you a way out.

Disputing a Tax Lien

A reputable tax consultant in San Antonio can use their experience in dealing with similar cases as well as their insight into the workings of the IRS to prove that the tax lien was not filed in accordance with regulations. It is good to keep in mind that in some cases, removing the lien makes the payment of the tax debt possible, being in the advantage of both the IRS and the citizen. Furthermore, a provider of tax services in San Antonio may also help you appeal an IRS tax lien under certain conditions, such as when the IRS did not give you the chance to dispute the lien.

Resolving a Tax Lien

Ultimately, to resolve successfully an IRS tax lien on your property, you must find a tax consultant in San Antonio who specializes in tax liens. At Defend Tax Payer, our team of legal and tax experts have over 45 years of experience resolving tax liens and other tax problems with the IRS. We can help you resolve tax liens before you lose your property. Please call us at 866-489-1670 or contact us so we can get to work right away.

When you have a tax-cheating spouse, innocent spouse relief can help you stay out of trouble with the IRS. But there are certain conditions you must meet to obtain it.

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When a person’s spouse has recourse to illegal activities such as not reporting income or doing improper deductions on joint tax returns, innocent spouse relief tax services in San Antonio TX can ensure that the innocent person does not pay additional tax or penalties imposed by the IRS. However, innocent tax relief isn’t the most straightforward of legal procedures; for example, there are 3 types of innocent spouse relief. This is why, if you become the tax victim of your spouse, it is important to choose a tax consultant in San Antonio who can help you.


Before you consider applying for innocent spouse relief, you have to understand that the IRS requires that you meet certain conditions. First of all, the return you filed should have been a joint tax return, and to have included an understated tax. Furthermore, the understated tax has to be due to incorrect deductions or unreported income. If you do not meet these conditions, it will be very difficult if not impossible for any tax consultant in San Antonio to help you. However, if you are unsure about whether or not you meet these conditions, you may want to contact professional tax services in San Antonio TX and have them review your case.

Time Frame

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you must submit your innocent spouse relief application as soon as possible after the moment when the IRS requests more taxes from you than you think is normal. According to the IRS guidelines, you have two years to file your application, but of course, the sooner, the better. Your chances of obtaining innocent spouse relief will increase if you contact a tax consultant in San Antonio right away and give them the time they need to prepare a compelling case for you.

Let Us Help You

To further increase your chances of succeeding, you will want to choose an experienced tax consultant in San Antonio who deals regularly with innocent spouse relief, such as our team at Defend Tax Payer. With over 45 years of experience in the business, we are a specialized provider of tax services in San Antonio TX that knows the ins and outs of dealing with the IRS. Our records and experience give us crucial insight that we can use to ensure your application is successful. Get in touch with us and one of our tax consultants will contact you in 24 hours or less.

When payroll taxes are not properly calculated and duly paid, small businesses can get into serious trouble with the IRS. Fortunately, tax services San Antonio based, such as those provided by Defend Tax Player, can come to the rescue of small business owners who are facing tax problems.

If you are a business owner, you must withhold the due taxes from every paycheck and then remit payroll taxes to the IRS every quarter of the year, in March, June, September, and December. It is up to you to do the math and determine the amount of the federal income tax, social security tax, and Medicare that must be withhold from the paycheck of every employee. Even small, local businesses with a handful of employees must do this.

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The Dangers of Not Paying Payroll Taxes

Failing to remit payroll taxes can cause your business serious problems. These problems usually begin with penalties and interest on back taxes, which can add up quickly, making it more and more difficult for you to sort your payments. Because IRS is keen on making small businesses pay their taxes, not paying them quarterly can get your business into trouble. Before you know it, unpaid payroll taxes can lead to a huge tax debt and even the loss of your business.

Small Businesses and the IRS

Some small business owners who do not pay their payroll taxes on time may believe that the IRS will not penalize them, or that their business is too small for the IRS to bother with them. This happens because the IRS does not always notify businesses right away in regard to unpaid payroll taxes. The IRS has so much work to do that it may take months before they send their notices and warnings. No small business owner, no matter how clever, can avoid paying payroll taxes for long.

Some small businesses can get into trouble with the IRS over payroll taxes without having done anything wrong. Calculating and preparing payroll taxes isn’t always a straightforward process, and sometimes a small business may get the figures wrong, or not pay quickly enough. The IRS may then interpret these mistakes as a deliberate desire to eschew taxes, and then the small business owner can be in a fine pickle.

Tax Services In San Antonio Can Help

Here’s were professional tax services kick in. A professional and experienced provider of tax services, such as Defend Tax Payer, which acts as a tax consultant in San Antonio, offers small businesses that get into trouble with the IRS the payroll tax help that they need to clear the situation. As a provider of tax services San Antonio based, Defend Tax Payer can help you bring your taxes up to date as soon as possible, before the IRS sends you a notice concerning your back payroll taxes. Whether you’ve had problems with the IRS in the past or not, Defend Tax Payer can use its vast experience of over 45 years in dealing with tax-related problems to solve your tax problem before it threatens your business, your financial security, or even your liberty. Call now Defend Tax Payer at 866-489-1670.

A majority of the United States is employed. This means that a majority of the people in the United States file taxes and some of these people might come up with issues with the IRS. This company has the experience and knowledge to help its customers get out of tight situations with the IRS.


Filing taxes properly in 2015If you have worked for a company or had any job before, you have probably had money taken out for taxes. And if not, at the end of the tax season you are still required to pay the taxes on the money that you have earned through the year. Many people either don’t know this or just refuse to pay their taxes. They think that it is not a big deal and that they will get away with it because they won’t get caught. Then they finally do get caught by the IRS. These people need to then find a tax consultant in Chicago, or San Antonio or wherever they may live. If they are indeed in Chicago, they may look for tax services in Chicago. These services are aimed to help the customer get out of their current situation with the IRS.


In truth, not filing taxes is illegal. It is a felony. Also, there is a saying that you cannot avoid death or taxes. There are just far too many occasions where people think that they can get away with not paying taxes and in the end get caught and have to pay out all the taxes that they did not in the past. The IRS does not give up until all of these funds are collected.


The problem occurs when these people who have not paid taxes are asked to do so in full amounts. Over time the taxes add up. Once the total gets high enough it becomes very difficult for people to pay it off. In the end some just don’t at all and face the troubles associated with that. Defend Tax Payer helps people find payment plans that are directly related to their debt and ability to pay. The taxes need to be paid off one way or another, and often, simply putting out a standard plan to get them paid off does not work. People make money differently and therefore can pay off their debt differently. With a custom plan it is easier for them to get their taxes paid off and stay away from more troubles with the IRS,


The overall goal is the get the taxes that have accumulated paid off as soon as possible. The problem with this simple statement is that once taxes pile up over years, they cannot be paid off in a single day. They took time to stack up and therefore they take time to pay off. The Defend Tax Payer helps find a possible, and probable way for the taxes to be paid off. With their experience they can help their customers avoid other obstacles in the process of paying off what they owe.

Even though most people don’t get their tax information from the companies they work with until New Year or after, many people do start to organize their spending before then in order to have less work to do when tax time actually comes around. By preparing your taxes early you save time, hassle and can have time to recheck them for issues.


Preparing TaxesWith tax season right around the corner, there are some people that seem to forget about it while they are distracted by thanksgiving and Christmas. However, there are others that like to stay on top of their finances and decided to start preparing for tax season before the near year comes around. When people decide to do this, it allows them to avoid errors in their filing and gives them time to have it check by a tax expert.


When looking for a tax expert in San Antonio, Defend Tax Payer is going to be your number one choice. With so many tax services in San Antonio it can be difficult to find a good company at times and thats why it is important to go with a company that has the experience and knowledge that they do.


By going to a tax consultant in san Antonio instead of trying to do everything yourself, you are less likely to have errors in your tax filing which will make the whole process much smoother and there will be no hassle for you as the tax expert will be going over everything to make sure that you did not miss anything or fill out anything incorrectly. By doing this you can avoid having to redo or fix your taxes later on. With services such as book keeping, tax filing and back taxes will be able to provide you information with any and all questions you may have regarding your taxes.


If you owe the IRS taxes which come out to more than $10,000 and are facing levy and liens, you can count on go be able to help you and stop levy lien asap. When matters are urgent they should not be held off for later. By calling them for information you can save yourself much time and hassle later on because they will be able to resolve everything for you. They understand that at times it can be frustrating to deal with taxes and the IRS and that it can get confusing with all of the forms and regulations. This is why they handle all of the hard work and allow you to relax without having to worry about anything.


Remember if you need your taxes done or are in a tight spot with the IRS a tax consultant in San Antonio will be able to assist you. With locations in more than one city, they are familiar with quite a few ways to help their clients out the right way. With years of experience in all areas they are able to help you solve any tax issue you may have.