Federal tax liens put you at risk of losing your property, including your home. Fortunately, a tax consultant in San Antonio such as Defend Tax Payer can help you resolve them before it is too late.


When an IRS tax lien is placed on your property, it is usually because you have failed to pay your taxes. If that happens, you should act right away, otherwise the IRS may seize your property, including your home, and then auction it to pay off the debt. The most effective way to lift an IRS tax lien is to contact a tax consultant in San Antonio who can analyze your case and decide upon the best course of action.


Before seizing your property, the IRS will typically issue a notice demanding immediate payment on all of your tax debts. That is a critical point, and if you haven’t already discussed your situation with a tax consultant in San Antonio, you should do it right away. An experienced provider of tax services in San Antonio who has dealt with IRS tax liens on behalf of its customers in the past will know what can be done to save your property before it is too late.

Paying Off a Tax Lien

According to official IRS guidelines, the quickest way to get rid of an IRS tax lien is to pay your debt in full using cash. You will want to consider the possibility of using any savings you may have or even borrowing money from friends or moneylenders to pay off your debt. In many cases, the inconveniences of acquiring a new debt and having to pay off interest are preferable to losing your home and other treasured property. However, if you cannot afford to pay off your debt, the situation becomes more complicated and you may want to turn your attention to tax services in San Antonio, which may offer you a way out.

Disputing a Tax Lien

A reputable tax consultant in San Antonio can use their experience in dealing with similar cases as well as their insight into the workings of the IRS to prove that the tax lien was not filed in accordance with regulations. It is good to keep in mind that in some cases, removing the lien makes the payment of the tax debt possible, being in the advantage of both the IRS and the citizen. Furthermore, a provider of tax services in San Antonio may also help you appeal an IRS tax lien under certain conditions, such as when the IRS did not give you the chance to dispute the lien.

Resolving a Tax Lien

Ultimately, to resolve successfully an IRS tax lien on your property, you must find a tax consultant in San Antonio who specializes in tax liens. At Defend Tax Payer, our team of legal and tax experts have over 45 years of experience resolving tax liens and other tax problems with the IRS. We can help you resolve tax liens before you lose your property. Please call us at 866-489-1670 or contact us so we can get to work right away.