There are many responsibilities placed on college students, one of these happens to be filing taxes. Just like every other task that a college student is given, this chore is pushed back until the last possible moment by many and then it is done in a rush.

College students and Deadlines

Procrastination is one of the main ideas that a college student is known to practice. Not all will be known as procrastinators but a majority are. These college students basically turn their head at the sight of work, and will do just about anything to get away from doing busy work.


Filing taxes is one of the tedious and long paperwork procedures that is dumped on college students on top of their pile of things to get done. The fact that the process is long and confusing makes the students to push this task further and further back and the very close to the deadline. If the process were simpler, quicker, or if someone could do it with them they would be more likely to not push the deadline so far back.


Students are known to do better, learn more, and pay attention to topics more when they are guided through exercises in class. They are more likely to get it done right as well. If a college student were given a guide to how to do their taxes quickly and efficiently they would probably take advantage of it. The problem though is that they don’t know that there are tax services in San Antonio TX, tax services in Austin, and even tax consultants in Chicago and other major cities where these students re are already living in to attend their schools. There is help readily available to these students to answer questions and to guide them along the process of doing their taxes properly.


If these students got professional help the first time, and if they were show how to do it, it would probably have the same effect as some hands on classes. These students are taught to learn by doing. In the future these students would probably have less trouble filling their own taxes and the fact that they think it is not difficult may actually lead them to getting it done earlier.


High school students usually procrastinate because they don’t know how to do an assignment or because it is lengthy. If students learned how to quickly and efficiently do their own taxes from someone, then there would be no need to procrastinate. The fact that they can get these taxes done in an efficient manner might even lead to the set students learning not to procrastinate on other assignments and help them in the long run of their college careers.